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kHz was active from 1995 to 2010. Here is the last bio published before their 4th album released in April of 2008.


2006 proved to be an exciting time for kHz. The band spent most of the year relentlessly playing live, wherever and whenever possible, in support of their critically acclaimed indie-release “Reality On A Finer Scale.”  Leaving their audiences stunned along the way, people took notice.  The rock press praised them:

Darkly atmospheric with boulder-heavy riffs-this band could get bela lugosi moshing” - Revolver Magazine

"kHz has a crunchy, machine-like, almost nine inch nails feel.  For the alienated, pissed off, rebellious youth, we prescribe a daily dose of kHz."  - Hit Parader Magazine

On the Internet’s sensation Myspace, the “Metal Mistress” herself, Sanaz, features the band on her personal profile and regards herself as a fan.


"There are not too many bands that could blow you away in a matter of seconds, and KHZ is on top of that list! Metal has never been this Sexy before! Be prepared for a ride to Metal Heaven. But beware, once you are there, you will never want to come back!"  - Metal Sanaz

Now notable and influential rock personalities like Dave Navarro have joined the list of people being affected by kHz.  

"I played on a track from their next album. They're a metal band from New York with an amazing lead singer named Raiana. She's got this beautiful, operatic voice that goes on top of this real hardcore metal; just a really nice juxtaposition. A lot of females in the metal world try to emulate the singing chops of men. She remains feminine and the combination is really sexy."Dave Navarro

The band is featured on Dave’s personal radio station “Spread Radio Live” and kHz recently shared the stage with his new band “The Panic Channel” for a show in Hollywood CA, June 2006. 

Heavy Metal’s most recognized Female VJ, Mistress Juliya, recently hosted several kHz shows which they headlined, and said the following:

"KHZ will have you rocking out and orgasming all at the same time, a not to miss!” – Mistress Juliya

kHz’s music is now receiving airplay on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s “Octane”. Their song “Now It Never Ends” Has been in the top 20 most requested charts for 10 weeks in a row charting as high as No. 4, adding to the slew of Internet radio stations already supporting the band.

Between live performances, guitarist/producer of kHz, Pull, has been producing & remixing releases by major artists’ such as Shinedown, Rob Thomas, Diddy Feat. Christina Aguilera and Jewel among others. Pull also directed and edited all of the band’s highly acclaimed videos “Broken”, Envy” and “Test My Faith” which have been circulating nonstop over the internet and have been added to rock video pools that service clubs and TV all over the country. Eddie "Pull" Frente would go on to win an Emmy and Sportel award in 2008 for CBS.

Lead Singer Raiana has completely embraced her dynamic range of abilities. She has been featured in Maxim Magazine’s new Bacardi advert for “Mojito” and she is also the official Spread Radio Live Vixen, where she models Dave Navarro’s custom clothing line for his radio station. You can expect to see much more of Raiana’s modeling in 2007 as she continues to receive offers. 

With no evidence of slowing, kHz is on a continued mission to take the Rock and Metal world by storm - changing the way the genre has been viewed for the past few years. Whether it is on stage with the likes of Dave Navarro or on a stage at the Warped Tour, This is a band you have to see live!

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Select images from promotional photo shoots. Photagrapher's Benjamin Oliver and Marc Beachum.

Photo By Benjamin Oliver
Photo By Benjamin Oliver
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kHz Raiana Paige Marc Beachum 1
Photo By Benjamin Oliver


Eddie "Pull" Frente has shifted his focus primarily to film and television. Writing and directing award winning films (many that star Raiana) that are now finding an audience online. You will also find him working with other directors as a post production specialist in films that appear on HBOMAX, Amazon Prime and AppleTV. Click the link to keep up with him on Instagram.

Photo By Benjamin Oliver

In 2016 Pull and Raiana went back in the studio as the group "3388" to create two new singles that are available on digital sites. The music video for their song "Tick Tock" can be found on YouTube. They are back in the studio now finishing a new EP as the group "Beta Blue X".

Raiana has been acting and painting. Having her debut gallery showing "Beauty in Pain" in 2018 at the Foley Art Gallery in NYC. Paige has been working on a new art series while continuing her acting. She has already received praise for her performances in several indie short films. Although Raiana is not very active online,  you can still find her on instagram.

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Photographers- Benjamin Oliver. Marc Beachum. Babak. Deena13. Barry Koopermsith. Leda Resurrection. Willow Waxdoll. Lady Reign.