2013 news

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

Raiana and Pull have started a new side project "3388". See the new video 3388 video
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kHz has posted a new music video here kHz "Save Your Soul"
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Pull has finished his debut film "Hemoglobin".
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The entire kHz catalog will be available on all streaming services,
including Spotify, Rhapsody etc. As well as for purchase at all online

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Much coming up in 2013 including a new website.


June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

Pull and Raiana have been working on Pull's feature film debut "Hemoglobin" while Raiana has been in recovery from her two leg injuries. The film is now wrapping up post production. Hemoglobin Facebook Page

Raiana and Pull have entered the studio to begin recording new music. Daily updates will be found at our facebook page.

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busy busy busy

Releases and News for 2011

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

Hello everyone, It's been a while in the making but here is some kHz news for 2011. There is much going on so we will break it up into quick bits of information.

Tuesday May 10th we will be releasing a limited edition DVD entitled "kHz a History On Film Pt. 1" This DVD will include all our music videos, several never before seen videos including a very sexy behind the scenes at Raiana's photo shoot for Spread Radio Live. There will only be 100 limited edition's available on a first come first serve basis at our store:

beginning Tuesday May 10th. Once sold out the DVD will be available again minus a few extras in stores and online. See more information here in a video blog from Pull:
Watch the video blog here for more information from Pull

Tuesday May 17th we will be releasing for download the double album "The Vault Rare and Unreleased" volumes 1 and 2. This will include material written and never released from each album era. Including writing demos, cut album tracks, alternate versions of previously released songs, remixes etc. Pull explains more about this in the video blog linked above.

Pull has written and will be directing / editing his first feature film. In order to raise money to get the project started the label as graciously allowed us to keep all the money from our initial limited edition DVD and double album sales. Raiana will be in the movie and many from the kHz camp will be involved as well, plus new kHz music. The film is called "Hemoglobin" and you can find out more about it including a look into the cast by following the official facebook page here:
Hemoglobin the Movie

Lastly if you would like to donate to the making of the film you can make an online donation here:

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Benefit Show

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

kHz Live
Saturday Feb 26 2011 9:45 pm $15.00 admission/21+
Tammany Hall
152 Orchard St New York, NY
hosted by: Juliya of FUSE tv, and more to be announced
The proceeds of this event will go to:
The Hetrick-Martin Institute
The Trevor Project

The Return of kHz Live

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

Hey Everyone, we know it's been a while but here is some kHz news. We will finally be back on stage in NYC, August 25th 2010 at Santos Party House! Since Raiana's accident we were forced to take a break and her recovery was difficult. This will probably be our only live performance this year so try and make it, it will be a special night with a few surprises. Here is the info:

kHz Live
Wed. Aug 25th 2010
Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street
NYC, NY 10013
18+ $10.00 Admission

The night is brought to you by Tim No 37 and will include:
Host: Jose Mangin of Sirius/Xm Radio
DJ. Jenncity (Formerly of Kittie)

The only other Bands Joining us that night:
Acey Slade and the Dark Party
Diablo Royale

Following kHz will be a live on stage art fusion production by legendary Tattoo artist Paul Booth and the artists from Last Rights Gallery

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We will post more news about the DVD and unreleased vault album soon but our focus has been getting back on stage with Raiana, there was a time we were unsure it could happen.

Hope to see you there!!!!!

"Fake Fool" Short Film/Video Debut

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

The time has finally come, Here is the short film/long form music video for "Fake Fool".  It has taken some time to release but it was important for it to come out the best we could make it. Please pass the youtube link around, talk about it, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell anyone who will listen ;)   And Please post the youtube video anywhere you can.

It was shot in one night and cost about 300 dollars. Thankfully some really great people chipped in their time and talent and we were able to achieve our goal (mostly). Written,edited and directed by Pull, DP'd by Saro Varjabedian and Lighting director Benjamin Oliver.

The Song is Taken from the kHz album "Disconnected". More info on this soon but wanted to post this already. Enjoy the next phase!


2010 News

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

Hey Everyone, I hope you all are having a nice holiday season and getting some much needed downtime. This is an update to remind you that on Jan 6th 2010 we will be releasing our short film/music video "Fake Fool". This is the beginning of something I have been wanting to do for a long time but time and money always got in the way. The reason I am calling it a short film/video is because it is 10 minutes long and is a mixture of the two. This is an idea and concept I'm planning to expand on and look forward to taking it a step further each time. We only had one night to shoot and 300 dollars to spend, luckily a few great people chipped in their time and talent to help pull off what we were going for that night. We all look forward to having it come out so please make sure to watch our pages for it's release.


About a week or so after the video's online debut we are going to release a DVD for sale of all our videos in wide screen format including a feature with Raiana and myself discussing the different videos and what went on behind them. I decided to not mass produce this and will hand make them for a limited time, I will print them myself and we will hand sign each copy till it gets beyond our reach so they will truly be personalized and one of a kind. This is part of some new ideas I am experimenting with to truly do everything ourselves. It was exciting to re encode all our videos for the wide screen format and to watch them all back to back on a big screen with newly enhanced audio to go with it. This will definitely be fun for you true kHz fans.

A brief update on Raiana, about a month ago she broke her foot really badly, after a few weeks it was discovered that along with the break she did some major damage to her ankle and it is tough to decide which is actually worse. She has been in a cast for almost 6 weeks now and in the first week of January we will find out if she needs any surgeries. Even if she does not need any surgery she will need an intense rehab period to get her back to the physical condition she was in, this will of course impact when we will be out live again. We all have our fingers crossed and are hoping for a fast full recovery.


 We will use this downtime of playing live to further our new concepts and ideas for the future. We are taking this new phase one step at a time and things are becoming interesting and exciting as we evolve and discuss our future in 2010, We are really thinking differently and can't wait to watch it unravel.

So that is the news for now, remember January 6th 2010 will be the debut of the Film/video so watch our sites for all the info. Please check the links section to follow us on Facebook, youtube,Twitter and myspace. Please friend or fan us on them all.

Here's to a better year then last year, I know we could use it!!!
Happy New Year!!!! ......Pull

Winter 2009 update

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

scale.jpg I have waited a long time to write this for many reasons but the biggest was time. As some of you have noticed we have not said much except for a few cryptic posts here and there. I decided to write this to clear up the reasons why. Btw this is coming from me (Pull) as this is always the way kHz has worked. It's hard to write because some of it's still unclear as well as long winded. I will do my best so bear with me.

The reason we have gone dark for a while is we needed to just stop and both take a break as well as get some perspective on things. I had been saying for a long time that as an indie artist today you spend so much time being a label, booking agent and manager that not only do you have little time to create but it becomes impossible to do everything you want or need. Time simply just gets the best of you and in this case, it did us. I had been burning the candle at both ends for so long it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me and it did in a big way. Life also got in the way, Raiana and I had spent so long putting many personal things on the back burner that the scales just tipped too far the other way and it was time to find that balance. Joe and Will needed to do the same and it just seemed to happen when it needed to and instead of trying to fight it like we always did this time ...we accepted it. There are so many factors to this and we have always been pretty open about everything but it would simply be boring to explain it all.

With that being said, personal reasons were not the only reasons. It's no secret the music industry has been in a shambles for years and regardless of any hype reports, it isn't getting any better. I have been trying to navigate this while creating a new model all at the same time and that was proving to be impossible. I needed to take a step back and have the time to see things from a clearer and more objective perspective. I was so frustrated with how much time I was spending promoting and marketing and how little time was spent being creative. But more then that, I knew the way the old guard worked was over, and so many others spoke like they either had the new model down or they were on to what would be the "new" way. Well ultimately in my opinion these ideas were all based off of two things. 1. the "old" way with a modern facelift or 2. a scam or scheme to find other ways to make money off of musicians that was based more on getting the musicians fans to visit sites or votes or whatever the hell but it wasn't based on selling the music.

It now has gotten as far as many trying to convince us that paying for music is obsolete. I don't agree with any of the above, but I do feel there is a new and better way for musicians and artists to survive today and this is something I have wanted to have the time to fully realize and integrate into the world of kHz. Some of you might have seen the post on twitter that kHz is thinking about no longer considering ourselves a "band". That is what I meant, the idea of being a "band" is part of an old broken down system and we are on the verge of something new. In this break I have also been working with other artists which is always refreshing and something I have not done to this extent in a very long time. It helps me see things from different angles and experience how other artists are dealing with all this. The rest of the band has been spending their time rejuvenating, growing and also planning.

Another new thing for us was our Record deal was up and we found ourselves excited to have the ability to really put some of our new ideas in motion and begin our next chapter, as I said above everything was happening at the same time and we decided to listen and absorb. We had mentioned releasing a double album of unreleased material and demos, this is still the case and is the last record of our contract but I hadn't finished it and decided it could wait through this process, along with anything else we had been working on. It was always hard for us to stop but by now the scale had tipped so much it pretty much broke so we hit the brakes hard and started taking the time we needed.

I have so many ideas, so many plans and experiments but quite frankly was exhausted and have been slowly recovering while working on my personal life. Raiana greatly needed to do the same and that is where most of our focus has been, on ourselves. Raiana now being in a cast has made the idea of playing live impossible till she recovers so that needs to be considered as well. We are done with the "Fake Fool" short film and pretty much ready to put it out but I did not want to just throw something out there without spending a little time talking about the state of kHz.

Our albums have always mirrored our lives, "Cryogenic Sleep" was written at a time that we felt stale and trapped and needed to awake, "Emotronic" was the next step and helped us mix our emotions even further into our music , "Reality On A Finer Scale" was that and so much more and begun to fuse all of our elements together, and only now do we see how real Disconnected turned out to be. I have always felt the music tells you what to do, not the other way around.

So to wrap this up, we are still here but in a state of metamorphosis, evolving, resting and planning. I don't want to begin the next phase without closing this last chapter. The double album needs to be finished and released and the Fake Fool film/video needs to come out. I am working slowly on finishing the double album and the Fake Fool film will be released this week. The new chapter is on the horizon and we look forward to sharing it with you, this will be a journey and we will be testing out new ideas and approaches along the way so keep that in mind and follow closely and often. We thank those of you who have always supported us and continue to share this ride with us. Please start keeping your eye on our pages and watching for the next pieces to fall into place as part of my plan is to use these Internet sites as a tool but maybe a bit differently then they are being used now, I mean do any of us really need to see another tweet or facebook update that says something like....."OMG aren't tacos awesome!"

We will see you on the next page.......

Pull (Eddie) kHz

Benefit Performance

June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

girlie_036.jpgSadly Our Friend Francisco Rosario Passed away this week. Tonight Raiana and Pull will perform at a benefit in his honor in NYC. We will perform an intimate 10 minute acoustic set. Francisco Created the clothing line Far Couture, Raiana often wore his designs and walked his runway. This is a sad time for kHz, he will be deeply missed. Here is tonights info and a picture of Raiana wearing a Far Couture Piece.

Friday Oct. 23
Club Elevate
390 8th Ave bet 29th and 30th St.
Far Benefit list
$15.00 Donation
Doors 10:00 pm
showtime 11:00 pm


June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

While we prepare for the first video/film of "Disconnected" to unveil and prepare the next virtual broadcast. Pull Remixed two Janes Addiction Songs and is giving them away for free here:

Pull VS Janes Addiction